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Creating a "Center of Excellence".

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The Three Kinds of Engineers.
Viewing the glass as "Only half full".
Making popular decisions is like Taking a Sit.
Sometimes, you have to make decisions with less data than you'd like.
Have you ever noticed the temporal nature of success? We have.
Have you ever told someone they're overqualified?
Have you ever wondered what happens when you don't bother to define what you're building?
We've also tried to isolate the source of the real problem...

Origins of the name

All we have up right now is a few words about the origins of the name Tarpit-Chronicles.

Future Rantings

Look for future rantings on subjects such as Missing Requirements, Design Failures, Too Late People (no, I didn't misspell "too"), Accountability for Failure, Qaultiy (don't complain - the misspelling is intentional - just like the lack of quality), How To Kill Morale Once And For All, and Scheduled Chaos.

These and more articles will be coming soon to a tarpit near you!!



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Three Kinds of Engineers

Only Half Full

Taking a Sit

Making Decisions with Less Data

Temporal nature of success

Being overqualified

Defining what you're building

The real problem


Origins of the name


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